MuseScore Arrangements

When I'm not wasting my free time doing meaningless things, I might arrange music using MuseScore. I enjoy listening to swing music from the 1930s, as well as some popular music that is older than that, so that is mainly what I arrange. You're free to use these scores however you like under the terms of the license of each document.

Casino Calavera is a song from the soundtrack of the game, Grim Fandango. It has sort of become my one party trick song. I made an arrangement of it to play during my junior year of high school, and since then I've been fixing up the arrangement and performing it whenever I get a chance.

MuseScore File, Portable Document Format, OGG Audio

Oh! What a Thrill is a swing song composed by Al Hoffman and published in 1931. I took a liking to it when I found a recording from the Jack Denny orchestra, and so I made this transcription of the song.

MuseScore File, Portable Document Format

My Croony Melody is a popular song from 1914. I didn't do much more than copy this into MuseScore from public domain, so this one will remain in public domain, where it belongs.

MuseScore File, Portable Document Format

We're All Going Calling on the Kaiser is a silly war-time song. There seems to be a bunch of alternative lyrics to this. You could go on singing for a pretty long time if you went through all of them. This one is also public domain.

MuseScore File, Portable Document Format

Hi-Tone Fandango is another song from Grim Fandango. It's a short and simple swing song, so I made this arrangement for fun.

MuseScore File, Portable Document Format

Hydrangea is a great chiptune song for the Nintendo Famicom by TQ-Jam. I've had this stuck in my head for ages, so I decided to transcribe it in MuseScore. It's not great, and I intend to change up the instrumentation and improve the percussion, but I wanted to make it available.

MuseScore File, Portable Document Format, opus Audio