Kaizō Mario 2

Rather than being an imitation of the infamous Kaizō Mario World hack, this is merely a hack with all new levels for Super Mario Bros. 2. Not intended to be ridiculously challenging, but a much needed expansion for people who have played the original game to death. Experienced players should find this to be challenging, but not insurmountable. Abstaining from the use of save states is encouraged.

Download Patch

It should be patched to a ROM with md5 7f38210a8a2befb8d347523b4ff6ae7c. This romhack is known to have issues running with an Everdrive N8. It works without issues on real hardware, loaded in from FDSStick

Thanks to ALXR for creating jGreatEd, the tool I used to create this.

Released 2020-09-02.